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of sickness resembling small pox or cholera occur among the pilgrims
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encourage the public to consider them as equally blamabic with the
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of accommodating all the fever cases which may arise. They recnm
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French chalk into the other dish and add the glycerine. Stand the
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Moreover this marked diminution of area falls almost entirely on the
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advantage to the foreign manufaciurer.. fit r reviewing the objections
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plentiful. He had passed a sleepless night and to relieve pain he
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cause of the invalids improvement or whether the expansion of the
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only that earthy dust to which all mortal bodies must sooner or later
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The death of one widow was reported and two orphans had ceased to
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force. Geology stretching far back through the vista of ages has
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sudden and acute obstruction of the intestine.. nd even now the
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operation. If the primitive iliac when tied will heal and we by
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In the Journal of February 4th 1SS2 page 145 Braidwood and
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tion more familiar with their action and with the conditions to which
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tinct signs of consumjxive disease l.ul nnd arc now in
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grape sugaraswell ascane sugar. Many substances presented in the body
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cholera had disappeared from that place since the 4th instant.
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ments of the sort are no doubt not only necessary but also beneficial.
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moval of their children to an isolating hospital. There is to begin
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near the so called Sweet Water Canal and had been attacked a
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medical officer of health be compulsory on both the medical attendant
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The question of the unrestricted sale of narcotics under the guise of
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as to form an easy access for the wounded. The wounded began to
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they come together but they do not close the ostium quite perfecUy a
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yeais service he receives lOi. a dsy. This limitation of the pay
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the wound closed an a sophagus tube was used for feeding. Although
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some might have considered these unnecessary. Healing took place
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that subject but there is another form of unification which is typi