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In a note in the October number of the Glasgow Medical Jaumal

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the diseases made provision for compulsory notilication both by the

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the assistant supporting the patient s head. The edges of the cleft are

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poorest patient in hospital. C nen. If any one here had known

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the sun actually did shine but spreading the sunshine over all the

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the thinnest sections present little besides these cells. There is com

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stated he along with two keepers got the deceased down jumped on his

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of the expedition whether Surgeon General Hanbury did not hold

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course and more strange still that we should frequently see a fold

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to reckon in estimating the prospects of the battle. That victory will

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things he had not been summoned fnr evidence and that no

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of the history of case which had been exhibited to ihc Society at

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dyspncei becoming intense Mr. Waren Tay saw the child and

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But without discussing this doctrine it will be generally admitted

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man but the bustling busybody who with it may be a soft and

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Of course those who defend the present system of quarantine main

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to record its experiences to vcnlilate its failings and to show up its

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structures notably the vessels free from disease the higher nervous

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was transferred to them on the following day the transfer to Cairo

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cinated of those in the workhouse hospital six were vaccinated three

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The disease had probably originated in the right kidney and the changes

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May io h. The rash which had been decidedly syphilitic was

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wound which is in communication with Stenson s duct.

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woman aged 27. During the last month of the patient s life asthmatic

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projecting backwards from the extreme anterior part of the ciliary

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will follow. At Tcl el Kebit each regiment battery and corps went

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papered over abundance of fresh air finds its way into them. Warmth

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dciry on Thutstl.ty September 7th he rrcsjlent Dr. John

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she arrived there the hospital had started about a week. It was not

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distance had been seen by other surgeons and some attempt hid been