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cently been described in the medical journals. I think it highly pro
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the Sharp sighted Latin lynceas Italian linceo like a lynx sharp sighted.
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different subjects to be transmitted to the Director General and com
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these children were afterwards bfought to him in a feverish state
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We learn by telegram on Thursday through the kindness of Dr.
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Duncan Thomson 2. James Murray and John Marshall Lamb equal 4. George
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duties and probably the first persons to complain would be his present
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day. Each occupies two days. Candidates may enter for both ex
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while mSammatoiy aiTeclions of the respiratory organs other than those
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mission at the Royal College of Physicians on Monday last the 6th
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I prescribed tincture of perchloride of iron and the liquor ammoni v
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pollution .and at the present time with some hundreds of enteric
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report cases in his own practice referring amongst other illustrations
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Hydatid rumour of AbJcnun supfostd to U Otctrian O cratioit
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off to a point where the ulceration was reached. The new growth
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orthopedic mechanician at a cost of seven guineas. They were made
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ceded death for some time. By this we presume he really meant to
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resenting and resisting all penuasion ti gt lie down. At
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in. Now the second clause of this formula postulates the first. But
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twenty five grains of ipecacuanha. I gave him another dose on the
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Ion I ara. itn July and Aus ust 18S3. Practical Physics in the
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upon which most of the phenomena of chemical science depend. The
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converging fissures separate ridges of uterine tissue that hide the os
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decided to return to.Aden for a fresh supply of coal and provisions.
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therefore that no such provision exists. In the regular forces when officers
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The annual report of the Bolingbroke House Pay Hospital which has
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still marked in the left eye. A fortnight later her general condition
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It is now six months since the operation was performed. He
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teeth M not irregular and jagged and stained but Ihcy arc thoroughly
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successful physician. Physicians seem also to have been engaged on the public
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patient and hopeful under all the varying conditions of human life.
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and of two concave portions which wear off by gradients long drawn
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apparently content that a ship load of passengers should be crowded
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were out door patients and 73 were admitted into the hospital. Of