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pathology to form the compound science of medicine and in the clear
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must furnish the Loard nf Examiners with a Certificate of Moral and
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apex. A third had glandular abscesses of the neck before marriage.
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our own shores of these outbreaks cannot be considered at the present
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made my distinguished friend Mr. Spencer Weils blind to my faults
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and respiratory organs and in similar conditions of the urinary organs.
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trict Asylums at Leavesden Catcrhaui and 1 gt aicnth w hich or the
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involved. I have had no case of fever since I
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convenience of having a meatus flush with the ipubes from whose
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take on decay. If an expert examine the collection of a conchologist
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disappeared from the teeth. He made an unsuccessful attempt to get
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cassed and the treatment is that which was described in a paper by
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lemedy for corns stating that it proves effective within a short time
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Attention being now directed to the subject I hope that carefully de
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both eyes padded with antiseptic cotton wool. The operations were
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to the air between all discharge pipes and the drains a trap being
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Our correspondent forwards the following clinical notes of cases of
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third of the whole revenue raised by taxation it has been estimated
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its administration. A tew typical cases will IjC selected to illustrate its
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features are purely clinical and their local manifestations particularly
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who too often only resort to recommending it as an extreme remedy.
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remaining 593 less than one third 185 became consumptive. If the
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becoming irregular and intermittent. Headache sickness and deaf
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had no control over such diseases they were simply called in to give
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which compares farourably with that recorded for any prennus year.
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thoroughly made at the bottom of the tent where they were nursed
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bathing and with a spring of a very strong sulphurous water much
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ordinary house or premises under the ntnetynm cUus o the I ublic
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