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and weakness and one of the nurses remarked how ill I looked. I
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being a catarrhal affection of the Eustachian tube.
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quite competent to form an opinion and that it was impossible for him
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mend that the hospital authorities divide the metropolis into districts
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Robert Oswald mentioned two cases which seemed to be cases of
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creatures. At present the public are too much in the habit of lobking
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himself did not claim for themselres r nal eminence. He thought it
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by medical officers in the recent Eg plian Expedition we most em
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number of recommendatio.ns for preventing the spread of the epidemic.
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wives as has been proposed by the Parliamentary Bills Committee of
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Royal College of Surgeons. The Dental Hospital is situated near the
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Government were officially informed by the French Cabinet that
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convinced. In March last Dr. Carter had published equally remarkable
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hellebore powder. But this was a substance which had many legi
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in preferring creasote but he had used eucalyptus and pine wood oil
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of calculation classification and tabulation of returns of sickness and
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notice so marked reach my otnce an inspector will call and take all
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only partial opportunitic lt lor obtaining as cumpitred with
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health unless he possesses a good knowledge of chemistry and physics.
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sion to observe several interesting facts concerning the scientific history of
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to the General Committee if it seem advisable viz. Sir W. Jenner
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