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The medical treatment of habitual drunkards has in the United

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closure of the artery is sufficient to render that closure permanent.

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men will concur heartily in his conclusion I am quite sure that

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of precedent for his guidance which renders his general tact and good

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geon himself a sullerer notes marked relief within twenty minutes

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gical interference was no r dearly indicated and for several reasons

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howcrer hope to be able to commence operations before the end of

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surround ihequestion of the compulsory notification of infectious diseases

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ciliary folds when viewed in microscopic sections made parallel to

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house surgeon complains llial he can find no rcdrcsi for or even inquiry

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the larger houses present greater diEBculties in finding remedies for

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and competent physicians and surgeons by the energy and good

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churches in which appeals were made were equal to those taken up in

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certificate because he did not attend the child sufficiently long. He

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The deaths from that disease have numbered 20 a fatality which has

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be secondary to the first abnormal departure from a healthy condition

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of New Vork Dr. Godfrey Mr. Meredith and myself removed a large

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this duly is graj hically shown by contrasting the medical student a

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with fine conical end urinometer in case and 2 oz. graduated trial

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A Practical Treatise on the Medical and Surgical Uses of

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which some diversity of opinion may still prevail. The late Dr.

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In the Raeeoglitare Medico of the 20.h of July Dr. Teruzzi pnblishes

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complete and adorned with two excellent chromo lithographs to which

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Before admission to the Examination a Candidate must produce

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what we know as the Army Hospital Corps. The Secretary of State

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a Nelaton. He appears before the world in a character that is not

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trol of the Home Secretary administer the Smoke Abatement Act.

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With regard to mercury it is said by eminent authorities that when

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theie examinations to be conducted by recognised school authorities

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shortly after the case recorded at the Leicester meeting and the subject

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preserved at the Gardens owing to its enormous thickness. In reply

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pangs of starvation from which he was fast sinking when I first saw

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on the border of the Kunama or Base country. Here the Inglese

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cent. with a practically unUbrm rainfall. The committee recommend

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in its unchecked progress it speedily moditles the composition of

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From August yth to the 6th of September ninety one deaths

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but they were not easily identified. The antero lateral columns were

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The entries into hospital from the time of the landing at Ismailia

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success. The difficulty with which the health committees of corpora

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persistent types the southerly the westerly the northerly and easterly.

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attendance and medicines. There was rota woidiheietu suggest that

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ankle clonus was observed. In August there was no vomiting or

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