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Clinical Lectures and Lectures in special departments are given m

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member of our profession the late Dr. Braid of Manchester whose

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Je Mid. 1S56 has pronounced an opinion adverse to sea voyages in

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mass was slightly congested but neither cedema nor fluctuation could

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frequently than was generally believed. Many obscure cases of lung

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Iwfore he was called in that would be highly improper treatment. He

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The display of Messrs. James Coxeter and Son included many objects

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There are no changes in University College beyond the substitu

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UNIVERSITY OF ABERDEEN. Six Examiners in Medicine. Salary l o per

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tioned as probable candidates but we are unable to state whether any

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Rosebery. In the course of his opening address the noble Earl dwelt

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dependent incomes the subject presents neither attraction nor repul

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half starved and another eaten up with pediculi. More wounded will

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fnogv. s les lumeurs qui naisfcnt de la face interne dc la

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The infirmary was opened in 1746 with twelve beds Messrs. Russell

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rightly adds Every means of improving the jeneral health should

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close to the pylorus. Its tloor was formed partly from the pancreas

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themselves alone do in such case best declare the intention of the law

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can be filled with the more stirring details of parliamentary and legal

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of the candidates to ih electors. Such being the case it would be

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upon the four diseases at present selected for investigation might be

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for it to the Medical Council. To the influence of the Medical Council

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miners facilities for determining a candidate s anatomical knowledge

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wasted in cramming the heads of our students with learning which

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least six attacks none of the subjects of which uere in.ululnnd or

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wiUiog to pay for their private attendance. I know for a fact that

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on meteorological phenome a but on the number o persins liable 10

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apparatus possesses undoubted advantages obtained by the mode of

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pubis a few millimetres but in the section there was between the

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in the hospitals and other medical establishments in Great Britain and

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magistrate s discharge for his remaining three patients and left the

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between the phenomena manifested in the growth of parasitic fungi

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catajtropbe of their ate anil any other kind of agitation would liwve

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In hepatic dropsy opaiba or its resin seems to give the best result.

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heme he vomited and shewed signs of delirium. He was removed to

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infected at the time of such exposure thirty two per cent. or about

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systematically conducted rather than by forcile movement although

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Evelina Hospital for Sick Children Southwark Bridge Road.

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patient conaplams of stiffness and although he may have lost the jerky

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aneurysm. These facts though not reported in your account of the

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increased. In this clas.s the principal increase was in deaths from dis

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was shown in action and was described and shown by Or. Neale in

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should Ik attempted provided that there is no reason for supposing any

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speech became much affected at the same time the distortion of the

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number of his neighbouring medical friends o supper io Walker s

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tioned scarcely came under the denomination of urethral caruncle.

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ffiarmtv.c oKi IS known to manufacturing chemists as a name only

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Council to a definite form of notification was omitted it being inti

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to Harrogate where the disease was rife and remains there twelve

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