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and Clinical Surgery. Hope Chemistry Prize value if 100 open to all

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practice of the Jessop Hospital for Diseases of Women.

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tht report. It shows that the unhealthiness of the special area around

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speak in the highest terms of the management of the institution both

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been no cases of the typhoid fever which was slightly prevalent there

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aorta by this pendent continuation of the aortic wall the flap of the

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at Dundee and the lowest 46.6 was at Perth. The greatest rain

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M CM the light from L illuminates an oval L M when the

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diagnosis can be made but in which there is no evidence of structural

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Graham in h S classical researches on the moditicatiors of phosphoric

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Brigade Surgeon W. Walker Inspector General of Prisons was to be

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subordinates of these departments so far from being complainants will

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plans of medical treatment were considered and set aside as unsuitable

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and slaughter houses has worked for several years. There is no doubt

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whisper. He did not lose consciousness but said he could not see.

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lare formed answering to both the quadrate and the articulare bones

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tracheloraphy has been advised by one practitioner it will be wise to

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ordinary pho. phoric acid which did not precipitate albumen. Ip a

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is therefore no uncommon thing for a public vaccinator to meet with

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the stomach pump and drew off a large quantity of alcoholic fluid

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and east winds and westerly winds were rather frequrnt also that

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an improvement in all county hospitals was desirable. Some few

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in. Now the second clause of this formula postulates the first. But

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sity have enacted the following alterations as to tbe courses lor medical

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larly treated have yielded equally good results so also have cases of

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fact that Sir James Paget Professor Paijet of Cambridge Professor

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Dr. Spbirs That it be a recommendation from this meeting to the

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so adherent on the dried intestine which by this time had a very

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blood and serum from long diseased uterine tissues is a great element

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and chloroform precipitated by strong acids and redissolved by

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which has been successfully adopted in this countr since 1873. For

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was met with it was associated with fatty disease of the organ and

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dent of the Royal College of Surgeons have expressed their inten

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influence of chloroform acting upon a fatty heart while undergoing a

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were brought here yesterday and are employed as scavengers under