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Trinity College strongly objects to these professors who at present lec

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Egypt with regard to certain deficiencies in the.arrangements for the

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phenomena so much in discord with the actual theories of vomiting.

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have twenty minims of liquor ferri perchloridi three times daily.

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He had always carefully watched the patient and withdrawn the stem

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the sea. Djring ihe two coldest months of the year. December and

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tion prevented infection and notification enablei the medical officers to secure

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could not see why any remuneration was demanded in the case of a

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had proved the statistics respecting Bolton to be wrong could

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of the aneurysm by ligature of the common femoral artery 3. The

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ease and we could not expect much from lool applications. We should

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decomposed directly it comes into contact with the blood. I am sir yours

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mend that an equitable proportion of honorary Queen s cadetships be

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longitodinal interventricular furrow is much flatter than the anterior.

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entire tongue removed in February 18S1 was shown. The patient

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popularity and its adaptability to the wants of the working classes for

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dimenta of an army had to be suddenly transferred several

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The usual sulphur ointment was prescribed. I saw the patient from

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the parotid gland. It is evident that an operation alone can remedy

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middle inclined to be dry. 5th fifth day feels better weak tongue

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the importance of minutiae is sometimes met with in this study saying

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hydragogue purgatives but the process soon reaches its limit and the

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from various other departments of natural science to produce arguments

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this latter class occur nearly exclusively ir malarious districts but may

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this year be one of its strongest opponents and should be reported to

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The Visitors of the examinations in the report to which we have so

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had wilfully hidden their children remarking to their neighbours that

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dwthVinddi ea ses which always.ittend very large assemblages and except those

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serous effusion in the o Jiers the pure character of the disease was

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was suggested should come into operation. The wounded alone during

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jesty s service. The entrance examination which is competitive and carried out

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and since twenty other children were vaccinated from the same five

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Hospital the Practice of Dental Surgery during t o years. The courses

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that the eWIs complained of in his predecessor s report still existed.

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general and local treatment was used the weight decreased nine

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She had been ill for six months and her symptoms resembled these

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AUCKLAND UNIVERSITY COLLEGE New Zealand. Two Professors one

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A CASE of poisoning by laudanum recently occurred in Belfast in

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room Dressers are appointed monthly for two months.

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tives gave merely transient relief. Other points in the history were