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The Debating Society meets eight or ten times during the winter

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smaller but bright and rapid current of youthful energy and inquiry.

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Dr. R. Thompson in a paper published in the autumn of 1880

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men in the metropolis. It is anticipated that eminent provincial prac

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transpiration by the sudden passage from heat to cold the moisture

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Notification of Infectious Diseases distinguishing when possible

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municated. I will try to state them as tersely as possible.

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disease which rendered him liable to infect the mass of the community

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Meteorology including climate topographical and seasonal influences

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will have any difficulty in coping with the disease in the future.

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The wandering superficial character of the ulceration so characteris

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Bowden of Amersham Vale. The neitt morning Mr. Bowden called

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Antiseptic surgery has become an established institution. In making

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of medical men in these days of enlightenment and progress can con

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being given simultaneously at Guy s Hospital that hospital being like

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have been stamped out before they had a dozen cases whereas some

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most severely felt Mr. Cogan secured the closing of several schools

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the service which will be held in St..Andrew s Church Wells

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the appointed authority a certificate setting forth the nature of the case.

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good. Dissection began about ten days before the commencement of

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discharged eventually into a stream or failing that into a pond or

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There have been a number of letters in the papers of late from

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discovered on her scalp and back part of her neck most profusely but

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