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History Vegetable Histology each f 2 25. Practical Midwifery

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weakly and subject to diarrhcea. I ordered a lotion containing salicylate

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and carotid were obliterated firmly plugged with coagulum. On the

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the introduction of the fingers into the vagina and express the placenta

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The ranid progress of scientific and practical medicine makes it highly

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Charing Cross Hospital. Sixtieth Annual Report. The major por

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ning of this paper when criticising the Monro method. It is impos

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more ditVcuIt moreover a somewhat larger electrode is better able to

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diarrhoea. An unwonted name appears in the Registrar General s re

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The fallowing Liccntia.cs in Medicine of the College having com

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different that she frequently suffered from skin eruptions about the face

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tion as early is possible might easily dispense with the luxury and

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issue turned principally on the question of compulsory vaccination. For

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the existence of phthisis. From ca es which have come under my

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beneficial. We believe that although if extended their usefulness

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stomach will receive then lower the free end below the level of the

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lence. It would appear from internal evidence that the fault is rather

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M onsall one year aoo ir annum Resident Surgical Officer one

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of zymotic disease as of a sanitary inspector to remove nuisances.

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the functions of a private practitioner. I refer to his action under

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effected on some occasions by the forceps on others by the perforator.

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of the r.umli. 1 n werr only two complete failures that only four

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ventilation unless there be a more general apprehension of the fact

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were all they should have been and reflect the highest credit upon

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icrviccs. 1. hat been ihiough live campaign and l en hanked

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May I9ih. The primary sore was nearly healed and the glandular

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than occur 1 dose injected in every instance was larger

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occasional existence may be of great service to the phj sician.

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passed such an examination. The greater number of witnesses exa

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ments by the Councd. They are made as harmonious and as equal as

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a critical condition at the Haslar Hospital while others are iust now

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issues in order to complete their report while consigning the irrecon

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to the skin that the teeth have their primary origin that the deeper

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LEEDS UNION. Medical Officer for the Township of Headingley cum Eurley.

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death rates. Mr. Partridge health officer for the Stroud and Bisley