What we can offer is a way of lifting your profile through generating independent and credible editorial.

This might be through traditional media, like print, radio or television or online media, such as internet publications, blogs or building a social media profile.

Televison set

Television PR

Through good public relations, we can help you strengthen your brand, publicise your services and your achievements regularly and consistently. Over time, we would look to establish trust and recognition in your brand and in your key people.

We are based in Swindon and Bristol in the south west of the United Kingdom but have worked nationwide and overseas, so see yourselves in a global marketplace.

We would identify potential stories within your business, and connected to your business, and generate press releases or press launches using our data base of contacts.

And this is the cornerstone of our business – we network across the whole of the media and business world. We can bring in experts in almost all fields to help you develop your public relations offering.

We can offer a PR service around a single event, through to complete event management right up to corporate video production of broadcast quality. After all we are both very experienced producer-directors and have managed budgets of up to £250,000.

Equally, your company might see the benefit of regular, consistent public relations and we can offer that on a retainer, contract basis. 

Radio Mic

Radio PR

Having worked within the media for decades, we have a contact base that is second to none and can source people for many events – including celebrities, professional speakers (including us!) who can talk about dealing with the media and any other issue that is of interest eg. Social media, leadership, effective team working. If you’ve got the budget, the sky is the limit.

Our unique selling point is that initial consultations are free and because we have, and do, work as part of the media ourselves – we know what the media do – and don’t – want. This means we are very practical in our approach to pr and will be honest about the potential success of any idea.


Using our knowledge and skill, we can also help your organization plan for, or manage, a crisis.

All businesses should consider what they would do when things go wrong.

  • How can you turn bad news into an opportunity?
  • How can you minimize damage?
A pile of newspapers

Newspaper, in print PR

Crisis management is something we can offer to deal with crises as they are happening or we can help your organization prepare for a bad news event – often you might know if there is likely to be some negative publicity down the line.

This is one area of public relations where prevention is always better than cure.

Through Mums in Media, and our company Mellow Media, we wish to show you that it’s okay to have an opinion in the media, it’s okay to tell a story, as long as you carefully balance the benefits and the risks.