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some extent. It was dressed with carbolic lotion and irrigation.
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months. In the month of February he had strained his arm in efforts
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Sir Now that animal vaccination is fairly established and used in England I
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occurrences led to an examination of the camp mote particularly with
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cannot lake place between its internal surfaces an I therefore second
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bottles in his pocket which had contained a similar quantity but it was
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of cases. It is thought now that the water has been diverted from
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The spread of small pox in Cape Town continues and according to
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spects. Dr. Buchanan very properly points out thai at the inquiry
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a similar plan in respect to cases ol infectious diseases. The medical
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common thing than anyone was at all aware of. But there was another
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methods. All however are more or less imperfect. In the first men
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this volume being especially interesting at this moment. Dr. Brunton
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ment and otherwise were fuUjof exaggerations depending on the ignor
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Mecca the defensive system of the Conference had prevented the ex
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Thursday the 26th ultimo he has been confined to his bed. The
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large type upon good paper and the illustrations arc well executed
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advisability of permitting corporal punishment in schools but we do
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always unc ombined with any other dnig or treatment.
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the hsematin of the blood and bile pigment the sputum in pneumonia
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to join with my professional brethren of the army in thanking this
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ca es to satisfy heads of families householders etc. Measles were
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out door pauper but such operations and ferviccs shall be paid for by
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I jgical law. Moralists and theologians are apt to forget that inebriety
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came into view and was found to be matted and closely adherent
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The relations of the health officer to his sanitary authority and to the
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to milk. This cannot be owing to there being much scruple about
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delivered in the dissecting room which had been so transformed by
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Meetings of the Committee of Council will be held on Wednesday
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did not think about eatinp. The hospitals out there were not such
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by an English lady who has had a considerable and varied experience
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side we shall often have cause to remember this factor in the causation
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of antiseptic operations is I think a fair question for although
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fund for erecting a new and more commodious hospital on the beauti
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either Meyer Struthers or Humphry his conclusion being that it
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with contentment our present Public Health Act. Stringent as it is
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an operation and that death was caused by misadventure.
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a large proportion h.id it in.several one half died and in one ward
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remove the parings of both sides of tbe palate in one piece.
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gestion. The child became delirious the next night Tuesday and
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damaged cardiac valves. In conclusion I think I am not straining a
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in which free accommodation was provided for infectious diseases but
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